Hack with the people

Open, collaborative solutions are needed to help government address civic demands and general citizen-government disconnect. By engaging skilled volunteers, embracing experimentation, and leveraging local technologists—or civic hackers—government can empower the community and scale better digital services.


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Photo of Lori McNeill

Lori McNeill


Lori is a consultant who helps non-profits and institutions use data to benefit from digital. With experience ranging from NASA, to Fortune 500 companies, to small charities, she brings a unique blend of analytical, scientific, and nonprofit leadership lessons to her work empowering change-makers as director of Civic Hacker Network.

Photo of Carlos Moreno

Carlos Moreno


Carlos Moreno, MPA, works at 9b, a certified B Corp, providing data and analytics solutions to purpose-driven organizations. For more than 12 years, Carlos led Tulsa’s Code for America volunteer brigade. Carlos is also a historian and journalist, and the author of The Victory of Greenwood and A Kids Book about the Tulsa Race Massacre.