What they're saying

What they're saying about Proudly Serving.

"Digital is no longer a value-add for government service. It’s a core expectation of the communities we serve. The best way to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape is to learn from the experience and expertise of our colleagues. Writing for Proudly Serving was a great experience for our team as it allowed us to share our own lessons learned and priorities."

Shannah Hayley, City of Plano

"Proudly Serving is a call to action and a rich mosaic of tools for civic and government leaders in the twenty-first century. Our shared commitment to building a government for, by, and with all people shines through each chapter. Writing for this project has been a great experience for our team of reimagining public service, distilling what's important to practice democracy together, and recognizing the part each of us has to play in moving beyond civics as usual. We hope that it grounds, resources, and inspires you."

Robbie Barton, Participatory Budgeting Project

"This project brought so many unique perspectives together, from cities both big and small. The ideas in this book are things you can do today as well as strive for in the longer term. Together, we’ve created an actionable and helpful guide for today’s local governments."

Rebecca Woodbury, Department of Civic Things

"Working on this project has been an incredible experience. Collaborating with amazing civic and government leaders to share their expertise in one resource has been truly an inspiration. I'm excited to see how others use this to bring a renewed sense of service to their communities."

Luke Fretwell, ProudCity